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South Korean Police Seize Half A Million Fake Pokémon Toys
Authorities in South Korea seized over 530,000 unlicensed Pokémon plushie toys. A report from YTN News, which we've posted below, says the plushies were smuggled into the country at some point between April 25th and June 2nd, 2017 From there, they were then illegally circulated to several shops and arcade businesses as toys and crane game prizes[...]
Squishables: Some Of The Best Plushes You Will Ever Get
One of my biggest complaints about plushies is when they use felt or rough pieces on there Make the whole thing soft! Another awesome thing they do is fill the thing with stuffing, unlike other who will leave some wiggle room, and ultimately it makes part of the plushie limp and ends up ruining it[...]
Funko Goes All In On Rick And Morty
If you collect them all you can complete a build a figure of Snowball! Next, a line of plush dolls, Galactic Plushies, the same name given to their Star Wars line of plush dolls Three variations of Rick and Morty, two versions of Mr Meeseeks, and Mr Poopy Butthole will be offered here, with the latter[...]
Power Rangers Morph Into Plushies From Funko
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are the next line to get Plushies, as you can look for these in stores next month. Today is London Toy Fair and Funko are "leaking" a ton of new product reveals Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are the next line to get Plushies, as you can look for these in stores[...]
Galactic Plushies From Funko Invade Store Shelves
They also teased a new line of plush dolls, which were fully revealed this morning on the Funko blog. Galactic Plushies as they call them are available now and hitting stores as we speak There is a wave for Original Trilogy characters, and one for The Force Awakens From the case layout in the pictures, the[...]
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Pop! Vinyls are Go!
By Joe Glass Set for release in February, Funko's line-up of merchandise to tie into this year's major movie sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2,  have been revealed by Marvel Collector Corps. The line-up includes Pop!, Dorbz, Plushies, keychains and more, and features all the characters you'd expect, like Gamora, Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon, but also newbies[...]