Squishables: Some Of The Best Plushes You Will Ever Get

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Squishables have been around for awhile, but they have a unique position here in the US as a company that is making plushes of characters that otherwise would not be made. They are also forward-thinking in that they allow most of their designs to be fan-made. They even offer a service to create your own plushie for a small order of 1000 units which is a thing I didn't know I needed in my life until I read about it. Alongside recognizable characters from shows like Bravest Warriors and Bee and Puppycat, there is a huge variety of foods, animals, and mythical creatures. They also offer quite a few of them in all types of sizes, limited editions, clip-ons, pillows, really anything you can think of.

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When I unwrapped mine, the first thing I noticed is how incredibly soft they all were. And not just the main part, but all of the pieces and parts are also plush material, which is awesome. One of my biggest complaints about plushies is when they use felt or rough pieces on there. Make the whole thing soft! Another awesome thing they do is fill the thing with stuffing, unlike other who will leave some wiggle room, and ultimately it makes part of the plushie limp and ends up ruining it. These are plump and I actually have been using the Cerebus as a pillow on my couch. Hatsune Miku has so much crazy detail on her that she would display well on any collectors shelf, as would any of these.

The smaller ones do suffer a teeny bit from almost being too fluffy, it makes it a little harder to see the facial features they use on the Hamburger and Puppycat plushies. That being said, as with the bigger ones, the smaller ones are plump and soft, very cuddly plushies. The real star for them though is the clip-ons. The Catbug here is a perfect looking version of the character, soft, and would look great clipped on to any bookbag or luggage.

I was impressed with the ones I got my hands on, and these are pretty affordable as well, with the regular ones selling around $45, and the smaller clip-on ones are around $10. I know a lot of people collect and love all varieties of plush dolls and collectibles, and I would highly recommend Squishables to anyone. Click here for more info.

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