Funko Goes All In On Rick And Morty

Funko is going all in on Rick and Morty ladies and gentlemen. Below, we can go over all of the upcoming goodies coming out this spring:

First, they will be introducing a new line of 5-inch articulated action figures. The inaugural wave will include Rick, Morty, Mr.Meeseeks, BirdPerson, and  Mr. Poopy Butthole. If you collect them all you can complete a build a figure of Snowball!

Rick and Morty Funko Action Figures

Next, a line of plush dolls, Galactic Plushies, the same name given to their Star Wars line of plush dolls. Three variations of Rick and Morty, two versions of Mr. Meeseeks, and Mr. Poopy Butthole will be offered here, with the latter being shortpacked.

Rick and Morty Galactic PlushiesMystery Minis are up next, and this is where we get the most character selection. The series covers the first two seasons of the show, and minus store exclusives, you get twelve figures per case. I will be getting all of these.

Pop keychains of Rick, Morty, and Mr. Meeseeks are coming! Keychains are all the rage right now, and these will be a must as well.

Finally, the Pops. And there is A LOT of Pops. Here we go: Weaponized Rick, which has a chase smiling variant; Weaponized Morty; Mr. Poopy Butthole, which has an exclusive shot version at Hot Topic; Birdperson ; Mr. Meeseeks, which has a chase angry version with a gun and a Barnes and Noble exclusive holding a Meeseeks box; Squanchy; and finally Snowball. The chases are very difficult to find, so preorders are a must there.

That is a huge amount of product that should finally make fans clamoring for more merchandise be quiet for a little while. Now if we could just get confirmation on when Season 3 is coming…

You can preorder all of these products right now on Entertainment Earth.

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