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Oni Press Issue Statement About Firings Not Written By Anyone At Oni
Last night, while I slept, Oni Press, the comic book publisher of 25 years standing, that was merged with Lion Forge under the umbrella of the new Polarity company a few years ago, issued the following statement; With wildly sensationalistic rumors circulating and false information spreading, we'd like to reiterate that recent personnel changes at Oni-Lion[...]
Layoffs Hit Lion Forge, Oni Press After Merger Announcement
Looking at how it had survived through lockdown, including its subsidiaries Comics Beat, Oni Press, Lion Forge, Magnetic, Limerence Press, all under the Polarity umbrella With a staff of thirty looking to expand, with plans to publish sixty original graphic novels this year as well as periodical comics,  the 25th Anniversary of Oni Press, provided[...]
Lion Forge Drops The Beat
It was announced that Heidi would remain Editor-in-Chief, while Lion Forge owner David Steward II would become publisher, and the site would fall under the newly formed sister company to Lion Forge, Syndicated Comics. Since then, publisher rearrangement saw the Comics Beat fall under the newly arranged company, Polarity, alongside Lion Forge, another publisher they acquired/merged with,[...]
Former Oni Editor Says Severance Offer Was Tied to Non-Disparagement Agreement
Last week, Bleeding Cool reported on the merger between Oni Press and Lion Forge, under the auspices of Lion Forge parent company Polarity, and the layoffs that immediately followed said merger Several former Lion Forge and Oni employees spoke about their departure on social media, though details were relatively slim, seemingly due to contractual clauses[...]
Layoffs Hit Lion Forge, Oni Press After Merger Announcement
Lion Forge announced earlier today that they have merged with Oni Press, which has recently been acquired by Lion Forge parent company Polarity, a holding company launched last year by Lion Forge co-founder David Steward II Steward, who serves as CEO of Polarity, addressed potential layoffs in a New York Times interview with one brief[...]
Cammy's Covers – Fearless Defenders To Winter Soldier
Polarity #3 by Frazer Irving A nice modern twist on the classic M.C Escher piece Drawing Hands, Irving presents us with a magnificently creepy yin and yang with this cover Who is drawing who? This is like an eerie version of Harold and the Purple Crayon for a more mature audience I do like the sketchbook[...]
BC Mag #4: Comics, Music And Mayhem
Say Anything front man, Max Bemis, steps from behind the microphone to the local comic shop with Polarity, a manic depressive trip through the mind of a bipolar artist with latent superpowers And if the draw of Bemis' distinctive lyrics are not enough to lure you to this project, each issue comes with a free[...]
Polarity #1 At Hastings – Would You Prefer To Pay $5 Or $25?
The Hastings variant of Max Bemis' Polarity #1 for Boom! Studios sells easily on eBay for $25 Buy It Now On an Open Auction it has no trouble selling for $18. Except, and here's the weird thing Hastings themselves are selling the comic for only $5 on their website For now. Just saying. The Hastings variant of[...]