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Noah Hawley Describes 'Legion' Season 3's Use of Professor Xavier
While we're still coming to terms with the news that FX's Legion will not get another season after its 3rd, we're pretty excited about what series creator Noah Hawley has to say about introducing David's father, Professor Xavier. Hawley spoke to TheWrap about integrating Professor Charlies Xavier, who will be played by Game of Thrones alum Harry Lloyd in Legion season 3: "We[...]
Professor X is Dying… Again! A What If? X-Men Preview
Oh Professor Xavier! It seems the X-Men founder's storyline is a nonstop cycle of death (or faked death) followed by returns only to die (or fake his death) again Most recently, Xavier returned in Astonishing X-Men by commandeering the body of Fantomex and remaking it in his own image (ew) But in What If? X-Men,[...]
Gandalf Makes It So – A Knight at the Women's March
As naturally, today is about women's equality, including all women, from all aspects of sexuality and identity spectrum. And just as Magneto is often a very good friend of Professor Xavier in the comics, so too do we know that our wizard Gandalf here is the closest of friends with a certain Starfleet captain and fellow[...]
How Professor X Goes Bald In X-Men: Apocalypse, Revealed
And confirming that we will discover how Professor Xavier goes bald. Norton asked "Is there a good reason for why he goes bald or is it really dull? MacAvoy replied "He ends up going through something so horrible and painful that he literally half pulls his hair out half… it falls out" to winces from Graham and the audience[...]