Gandalf Makes It So – A Knight at the Women's March

Sir Ian McKellan Makes It So
Sir Ian McKellan Makes It So

Gentleman of the realm Sir Ian McKellan has been taking part in the Women's March in London today. He has experience in these matters, protest and fighting for equality and fairness and the such after all. He is one of the founders of LGBT equality group Stonewall, and has been an advocate for LGBT rights and inclusion for many years.

But today, the Master of Magnetism that is McKellan proved the order of the day was intersectionality in very meta fashion. As naturally, today is about women's equality, including all women, from all aspects of sexuality and identity spectrum.

And just as Magneto is often a very good friend of Professor Xavier in the comics, so too do we know that our wizard Gandalf here is the closest of friends with a certain Starfleet captain and fellow knight, Sir Patrick Stewart.

Well, good ol' Jean-Luc always has provided the internet with the perfect response to the political climate of today.


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