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Fred Van Lente Visits New York Comic Shops to Promote Valiant's Psi-Lords
Van Lente is headed to four New York comic shops next week, accompanied by his entourage (Valiant staff), to promote the debut of Psi-Lords, the new sci-fi comic by Van Lente and artist Renato Guedes Starting Wednesday, fans can buy autographed copies of Psi-Lords #1 from Van Lente at Bulletproof Comics and Games, Anyone Comics,[...]
Valiant is Selling a Pre-Order Bundle for 12 Issues of Psi-Lords
Are you convinced that, no matter what, you're absolutely going to love Psi-Lords so much that you're willing to commit to buying 12 issues of it, sight unseen, up front? Maybe you're the world's biggest Fred Van Lente fan Maybe, in your eyes, Renato Guedes can do no wrong Whatever the case, if that sounds[...]
Auto Draft
I read Criminal #4, Psi-Lords #1, and The Season Of The Snake, and since I didn't have enough for a proper piece about any of them, but together, I can speak about all of them capsule-review style Without further ado… Psi-Lords #1 from Valiant Entertainment by Fred Van Lente and Renato Guedes Writer Fred Van Lente's[...]
Psi-Lords Returns to Valiant, by Fred Van Lente and Renato Guedes
Fred Van Lente and Renato Guedes will launch a new Psi-Lords series at Valiant in May, the company revealed in a press release Wednesday alongside a teaser image by Rod Reis In said press release, here's what Van Lente compared the series to Lost and Game of Thrones, potentially winning comic pitch bingo for somebody. PSI-LORDS[...]
Psi-Lords, From Valiant, For 2017
The Free Comic Book Day volume by Valiant for May 7th leads into their 4001AD crossover event, Divinity II, Archer & Armstrong and a great double page spread of the state of the Valiant Universe right now. And then hits with the teases. Ending with just one word for 2017. Psi-Lords. Those would be the 41st century superfolk who first appeared[...]