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Writer To Writer – Jim Zub Talks To Aaron Gillespie About Purgatori
Jim Zub, writer of Pathfinder: City of Secrets #6, talks with Aaron Gillespie writer of Purgatori #2, about the series and just who Purgatori really is. JIM ZUB: For anyone who hasn't heard of Purgatori before, what's it all about and how did you get involved with the project? AARON GILLESPIE: Purgatori is a vampire goddess who[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Flash Gordon #6 And Purgatori #2 Plus New FOC Covers
Dynamite Entertainment is offering up some new covers as retailer incentives at the Final Order Cutoff date for Flash Gordon #7, Purgatori #3 and The Shadow: Midnight in Moscow #6 Besides the covers below, we also have the full issues of Flash Gordon #6 and Purgatori #2 for you to see. FOC Incentive A: For any[...]
This Week In Dynamite – Bob's Burgers, Pathfinder And Purgatori Previews
We also get the sixth issue of the video game turned comic Pathfinder: City of Secrets and the second issue of the Aaron Gillespie written Purgatori. Bob's Burgers #3 Chad Brewster, Rachel Hastings, Mike Olsen (w) Tony Gennaro, Frank Forte, Kat Kosmala, Damon Wong (a) Devin Roth (c) Five brand-new stories of the Belcher family! Tina's erotic friend[...]
Exclusive First Look A The Chaos Comics Books For January From Dynamite
Here we have the debut of the Smiley the Psychotic Button one-shot while Evil Ernie, Lady Demon and Purgatori continue on. CHAOS: SMILEY THE PSYCHOTIC BUTTON Cover: Mirka Andolfo Writer: Mike Raicht Art: Juanan Antonio ON SALE DATE: January 7 How horrible could the origin of Evil Ernie's best friend, Smiley the Psychotic Button, possibly be? Well… it involves[...]
Aaron Gillespie Talks Lady Demon And New Purgatori FOC Covers Revealed
Also below, its sister series Purgatori had a couple new covers revealed for FOC today. BYRON BREWER: The return, refurbishing and rebranding of the Chaos! Universe continues with Lady Demon #1 Aaron, how does it feel to be a part of what has proven a successful revamping of classic comic book characters by Dynamite? AARON GILLESPIE: It's[...]
Artistic Process – Joyce Chin And Her Chaos Covers
Joyce Chin has been doing a lot of covers late for Dynamite Entertainment, especially in their new Chaos line of comics including Purgatori, Lady Demon and Evil Ernie Well, on her facebook page she is sharing the artistic process for some of the covers showing her original sketches, pencils, inks and colors while on others[...]
32 Thoughts About 32 Comics – Batman Eternal, Multiversity, Thor, Original Sin, Uncanny Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine & The X-Men, Miles Morales, Trees, Supreme, Sirens, All New X-Men, Deadpool, Gwen Stacy, Superior Spider-Man, The Shadow, Solar, Purgatori, The Wicked + The Divine, Devilers, Translucid, Bionic Woman, Hellraiser, Storyteller,  Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Cataclysm, Turtles In Time, X-Files, Transformers, Maxx, Littlest Pet Shop And Judge Dredd
Another week, another lovely batch of comic books to read through... so what takes your fancy today? Stephanie Brown gets some fatherly advice regarding
Pushing Up Purgatori With Three New Covers
Dynamite launched the Chaos Comics mini-series and from that spun out Chastity, Evil Ernie and of course Purgatori With the Final Order Cutoff (FOC) coming up, Dynamite is putting out 3 new covers for Purgatori #1 to try and get retailers to increase their orders Now retailer don't have to increase their orders on the[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Chaos Comics Titles For November
Here we get a first look at the covers and solicitations for the Dynamite series based on the characters from Chaos Comics coming out in November. CHASTITY #5 Writer: Marc Andreyko Art: Dave Acosta Covers: Emanuela Lupacchino, Tim Seeley FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+ • 11/5 Finally discovering a few of the secrets of her "unlife", Chastity and[...]
'What Can I Say? I'm A Sadist.' – Aaron Gillespie Talks Purgatori
As the new Dynamite series Purgatori moves into its second issue, the character is being drawn into a very bad situation Byron Brewer caught up with series writer Aaron Gillespie to talk to him about where he's taking the series and why he's got it in for the winged woman. BYRON BREWER: Aaron, for this only[...]
'I've Always Been A Fan Of Purgatori…' – Aaron Gillespie Talks The New Series
As Dynamite continues the relaunch of the Chaos! Comics books, it was only a matter of time before Purgatori got her own series Byron Brewer talked with series writer Aaron Gillespie about his knowledge of the character prior to and how he got the project. BYRON BREWER: Aaron, Dynamite is becoming big on rebuilding universes[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's October Covers – The Second Issues
Alice Cooper, Bionic Woman Season 4, Purgatori and Dawn/Vampirella. A – Alice Cooper #2  Alice Cooper has escaped the dark clutches of Lucius Black only to find himself in thrall to a new master But if the "Lord of All Nightmares" hopes to ever control his own destiny and restore his shock n' roll legacy, he'll have[...]