Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's October Covers – The Second Issues

Now we have the exclusive first look and solicitations for the second issue of all the brand new books from September… if that makes sense. Alice Cooper, Bionic Woman Season 4, Purgatori and Dawn/Vampirella.

A – Alice Cooper #2 

Alice Cooper has escaped the dark clutches of Lucius Black only to find himself in thrall to a new master. But if the "Lord of All Nightmares" hopes to ever control his own destiny and restore his shock n' roll legacy, he'll have to put some more bullies in their place first.

AliceCooper02-Cov-IncenSyaf AliceCooper02-Cov-Mack

B – Bionic Woman: Season 4 #2

After a dangerous encounter with a new enemy, Jaime Sommers finds herself in a strange new place!  Trouble lurks around every corner in an idyllic little town, and our heroine is cut off from her O.S.I. support system.  What are the bizarre secrets being concealed by the people of North Eden?


C – Purgatori #2

Doomed to spend her days as a mindless ghoul, Purgatori struggles to keep her sanity.   As if that's not enough for the vampire goddess, an ancient and mysterious enemy wants her dead.  Purgatori will have to rely on her wits to get out of this one… but how will she survive if she can't think past her overwhelming thirst for blood?

Purgatori02-Cov-Chin Purgatori02-Cov-Ruffino Purgatori02-Cov-SubscriptFleecs

D – Dawn/Vampirella #2

In "The Silver Tongue & The Golden Rose," Vampirella and Dawn – captured by the nefarious demon Masodik – must spin one beguiling tale after another in order to stay alive.  Dawn blurs the lines of myth and fantasy by telling the tale of a ruined city plagued by a silver-tongued Gorgon who guards a golden rose.  After their father is viciously killed by the Gorgon, two sisters set out to slay it and discover its enchanted secret.


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