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Uncanny Avengers #30 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson
Synapse awakens to a letter from Quicksilver. Finally, the team is visited by a longtime Avenger with a proposition. Uncanny Avengers #30 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson Firstly, I have to gripe about what is happening to the Avengers titles Weekly books are almost universally a bad idea I add the "almost" qualifier mostly for 2000 AD,[...]
Uncanny Avengers #29 cover by R.B. Silva and Java Tartaglia
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Juggernaut has been let loose upon the Uncanny Avengers, accidentally summoned by Doctor Voodoo while attempting to fix up Avengers Mansion. Rogue tries to lead the team, but Quicksilver, in his traditional arrogant fashion, goes off the reservation within minutes Can the team come together to bring down the Unstoppable Force? Uncanny Avengers #29 cover[...]
Brian Michael Bendis batman
Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion. Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman and[...]
Uncanny Avengers #28 cover by R. B. Silva and Edgar Delgado
Johnny must decide what to do with this information. Meanwhile, the Beast and Wonder Man meet at a bar not too far from Avengers Mansion to catch up and decide what to do with their life next. As a longtime Avengers' fan, it delights me to no end to see classics like the Beast and Wonder Man[...]
Uncanny Avengers #27 Review: The Avengers Battle Nihilism
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Uncanny Avengers #27 The Uncanny Avengers are under attack by Graviton! In one swoop, he destroyed Avengers Mansion and launched Scarlet Witch into the sky while her teammates watch helplessly in the rubble. Quicksilver is ready to kill him The rest are just trying figure out a way out of this situation Thankfully, Synapse, Rogue, and[...]
Uncanny Avengers #26 Review- Return of Scarlet Witch
They have landed in Avengers Mansion for now, and Quicksilver wants his sister, the Scarlet Witch, to rejoin the team. However, Rogue does not trust Wanda Maximoff Responsible for the near-extinction of mutants that was M-Day and recently working for Hydra while under the possession of the chaos god, Chthon, Wanda has been tied to a[...]
Secret Empire: Underground #1 Review- A Great Self-Contained Adventure
Quicksilver is really cool too, though he's not really one of my favorites Oh, also Iron Man is in it for a bit. The plot of this one is that this group of Underground members are searching for a shard of the Cosmic Cube in the Antarctic Savage Lands They run into Sauron, who has just[...]
Uncanny Avengers #24 Review: A Promising New Creative Team
Matters are complicated when Rogue runs across the Shocker and Scorpia attempting to rob a bank in the chaos. Meanwhile, Quicksilver is outside the dome and trying to find a means of entering it He hears a broadcast from the AI of Tony Stark and runs in the direction of the signal. Uncanny Avengers #24 is very[...]
Comic Books – Immigrants Are Welcome Here
I've already pointed out two of DC's Trinity, a vast section of X-Men, but also, the Avengers are not without their immigrants. Art by Greg Land Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Nova, Black Widow, Rage, Black Panther, Hercules – heroes often from global backgrounds coming together to fight for what is right, and accepted in most cases by the[...]
Heroes With Issues On How Psylocke Hooked Up With Apocalypse
The episode also features Quicksilver, who we've seen before in the Flash vs Quicksilver video from the end of last year. [youtube]https://youtu.be/WRfyk3fNaJE[/youtube] In the latest episode of Heroes with Issues, we see a possible way that Psylocke hooked up with Apocalypse to become one of his Horsemen This tongue-in-cheek look at Psylocke quickly covers her past[...]
Quicksilver Reprises *That* Scene From X-Men Days Of Future Past For Sky Fibre TV Ad
And yes, he really liked the Quicksilver bit in Days Of Future Past, didn't he? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8yzKzwmCdUVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Sky Fibre with X-MEN: APOCALYPSE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8yzKzwmCdU) Years ago, when I was a full-time advertising copywriter, I once worked for big corporate ad giant Grey[...]
The Flash Vs Quicksilver – The Battle Of The Blurs
Marvel's hero who is so fast he can appear in two franchises Quicksilver They've combined the two versions of Quicksiver, giving him the outfit from the Avengers: Age of Ultron but the goggles from X-Men: Days of Future Past And one of the moves The Flash makes is right out of the CW series. This Minute[...]
What Really Happened To Quicksilver
** Spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron ** The following video shows a possible different fate for Quicksilver… or rather the same fate, but a different cause They played up the dislike between Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) from the very beginning… so the speedsters sacrifice was a nice touch But in the following[...]