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Color me interested, as this has always been where Season 7 has needed to be. One final thought that is just incredibly fun: at one point in the episode Cisco says that our Big Bad Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor) was being interviewed by "the new Rachel Maddow." Ok, hold on one second here This posits that[...]
Our Trip Down "The Rabbit Hole" Could've Used a Bit More "Batwoman" [REVIEW]
While all fine and good…for an episode 7, when we can go deep on backstory. This show is Batwoman… but we are getting very little Batwoman. A nice bright spot are the newsbreaks from Vesper Fairchild (Rachel Maddow), which provide some nice world-building One of the top rules of any Batverse property is that Gotham itself is[...]
All Rights Reserved. Now while "Crisis" has been earning some serious "top honors" when it comes to casting news, it looks like Batwoman is looking to walk with with the prize as things get down to the wire. MSNBC political commentator and New York Times bestselling author Rachel Maddow (and the person kind enough to make us[...]
Could Batwoman's New Girlfriend Be Rachel Maddow?
Rachel Maddow is a Batwoman fan She wrote the introduction to the Batwoman: Elegy collection by Greg Rucka and JH Williams III. This comic also features Dan Choi, a soldier who came out as gay on the Rachel Maddow show and was booted from the army because of it.   She also went on Seth Meyers in 2014[...]