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Hailstone Horror Anthology to Launch as Comixology Original
Civil War, written by Rafael Scavone (A Study in Emerald, Hit-Girl and Funny Creek), illustrated by Rafael de Latorre (SuperZero, Animosity and Black Widow) with colors by Wesllei Manoel, letters by Bernardo Brice, and edited by Bis Stringer Horne. "Hailtstone #1" cover art, Comixology, Stout Club Entertainment The 5-issue limited series will be released monthly beginning May 11, 2021,[...]
Legendary is Making an Animosity Movie
Legendary and AfterShock, sitting in a tree, m-a-k-i-n-g an Animosity movie! That's the news today, coming from punctuality-obsessed Hollywood gossip rag Deadline. Legendary Entertainment has optioned the movie rights for Animosity, the AfterShock comic book by Marguerite Bennett and Rafael de Latorre AfterShock president Lee Kramer and CEO Jon Kramer will produce the film, with Legendary's Jon Silk keeping[...]
Explore the Lost City with Zack Kaplan and Alvaro Sarraseca: AfterShock June 2018 Solicits
Including a surprise appearance by one of the 20th century's most celebrated artists! From the writers of the break-out hit The Dregs and Marvel's Cable, and the artist of Roche Limit, this is HELL like you've never seen before. ANIMOSITY #15 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 06.06.18 writer: Marguerite Bennett artist: Rafael De Latorre color: Rob Schwager letters:[...]
Animosity Vol. 2 cover by Rafael de la Torre and Marcelo Maiolo
Animosity Vol. 2 picks up with the herd encountering a mysterious being called the Dragon. It has legions of followers, and it hunts animals and humans alike. Can Jesse and her flock survive this creature? Is it a good read?
Animosity #11 cover by Rafael de Latorre and Marcelo Maiolo
The farmers have enslaved and exploited the bees for their pollination, and this has left them with a very negative view of humanity. The farmers show no signs of changing their ways either, as they are intent on stopping Jesse from freeing their insect captives. Animosity #11 cover by Rafael de Latorre and Marcelo Maiolo Marguerite Bennett and[...]
Aftershock Adds Another Animosity One-Shot, World of Animosity, In September
Written by Marguerite Bennett, with art by Rafael De Latorre & Juan Doe, and colors by Rob Schwager, World of Animosity joins other Aftershock offerings such as Animosity, second printings of Animosity, third printings of Animosity, Animosity: The Rise, fourth printings of Animosity, The Uncanny Animosity, Animosity Vs Animosity: Dawn of Animosity, and Animosity Digest. In an EXCLUSIVE[...]