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China Miéville To Write New New 52 Comic, Dial H
His Swamp Thing series for DC/Vertigo may have been slaughtered to make way for Brightest Day and then the DC New 52 relaunch "Swamp Thing with machine guns" is how one DC Comics executive described it to me. But now British fantasy horror writer and leftwing activist China Miéville is to write his first ongoing comic,[...]
Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen DC Comics – Justice League, Batman Inc, Catwoman, Captain Atom, Wonder Woman, Red Hood And The Outlaws, Batman, Blue Beetle, Supergirl, Thunder Agents, Batman Odyssey, Blue Beetle, DC Universe Presents, Birds Of Prey, Green Lantern Corps And Legion Of Superheroes
A group of men who, the rhyme goes, rule the city from the shadows and enforce their will by means of an assassin named the Talon, a highly trained killer the Court keeps hidden in bases around the city." First, Gotham must be a really depressing place to grow up as a kid, second, this[...]
The DC Comics New 52 On The Big Bang Theory
They may not get a mention, but the comic store set of The Big Bang Theory is rather DC Relaunch full right now. Say, is this the only comic shop in America with all the issue one first prints – and seemingly no gouging price tags? 1 They may not get a mention, but the comic[...]
Redesigning The New 52 DC Universe With Jim Lee And Friends
Here are a few design sheets from the New 52 DC Comics relaunch that Jim Lee shared at the New York Comic Con today. There are lots of Animal Man ones, but the page designs also indicates how Animal Man will be combining text and images, with controlled and specilly placed captions, which also matches the[...]
DC Comics Announces Continued Returnability Through To April 2012
DC made most of their DC relaunch books returnable for a small fee, for the first four months of the relaunch, allowing retailers the ability to stock high on books with less risk if they didn't sell And they sold. Well now, at the New York Comic Con Retailer's Breakfast, courtesy of Diamond Comic Distributors, DC[...]
Ken Lashley On The DC Comics New 52 – "There's Always A Reset Button"
Flash artist/writer Francis Manapul, Animal Man/Frankenstein writer Jeff Lemire and Blackhawks artsit Ken Lashley are profiled together by their local paper, The Star, in the light of the DC Comics New 52 relaunch. Manapul expressed his excitement "The more you think about this initiative and the books that are spawning out of it, potentially what[...]
SCOOP: DC Grab Top Spot Over Marvel For Marketshare In September
But Bleeding Cool has an inside track. For September 2011, the DC Relaunch, DC Comics had a 35.74% share of dollars spent on comics and graphic novels. And Marvel had a 35.37% share. It's a half point difference, but considering earlier in the year, DC were double figures points behind Marvel, it's a remarkable shift. But the biggest change[...]
Spoiling The Ending Of Batman: The Dark Knight #1 (UPDATE)
You have been warned. The new relaunched Batman: The Dark Knight #1 sees Batman dealing with a breakout at Arkham Asylum Nothing new there, he did it in Batman #1 out this month as well. What is different is Two Face Transformed, Hulk-like into a new One-Face And, it seems a bit of a homophobe with it[...]