Spoiling The Ending To Detective Comics #1

So I've had a few chats with a few people discussing why they weren't planning to buy Detective Comics #1 today. And I understand them, they talk about past disappointment with Tony Daniel on Batman books, how they are looking for something new, and it's just not their thing. I mention the channelling of a number of past Batman master in the book, it doesn't seem to make a convincing case to pick it up.

In a last desperate attempt, I send them the final page from issue 1.

They tell me they are now picking up the book just to see how it gets to this situation.

So, here we go. I am going to post the final page from Detective Comics #1. If you have any intention of buying the book, do not look at this spoiler. Because it is a big, big spoiler, and you'll get so much more from reading it in context.

But if you are still, honestly not going to pick it up, and you are a Batman fan, this cliffhanger may be the thing that tips you over the edge into buying it.

I will run a few images of pets dressed as Batman, while you consider if you want to spoil the best cliffhanger at DC Comics today. Then I'll run the final image of Detective Comics #1 by Tony Daniel. But spoiler or no spoiler, you're buying the book, if only to confound your expectations.

Spoiling The Ending To Detective Comics #1 Spoiling The Ending To Detective Comics #1 Spoiling The Ending To Detective Comics #1 Spoiling The Ending To Detective Comics #1

Okay, that's as much spoiler warning as you're getting. No joke.

Spoiling The Ending To Detective Comics #1

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Check out their New 52 podcast here.

Spoiling The Ending To Detective Comics #1

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