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Lying In The Gutters – 15th December 2015 – A Brand New Look
The crossover we are all waiting for… Everyone seems to be doing relaunches and reboots right now It must be catching But this is what you have been reading this week… Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week How Today's Axis #7 Will Retcon Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver Forever Will Skye Be Revealed As Daisy Johnson In Marvel's Agents Of[...]
The War Of Attrition In Comic Book Relaunches
In July, DC Comics will be relaunching Teen Titans and Suicide Squad, with Nightwing relaunched as Grayson. We've recently described this as All New DC Now, after Marvel's All New Marvel NOW, the second wave of relaunching comic books in recent years, with Fantastic Four and Wolverine as the comics that got relaunched twice[...]
More Free ComiXology Comics – And A Hundred For Ten Bucks
And for that you get… Tomorrow Jones #1 Watson and Holmes #1 Astronaut Dad First Law of Mad Science #1 Too Much Coffee Man Favorites #1 Tiger Lawyer #1 Quandary #1 Relaunch #1 Evil Inc Monthly Vol 7 Nathan Sorry Vol 1 (of 5) Footprints Vol 1 Kung Fu Skratch! #1 Armarauders #1 The Antler Boy and Other Stories Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter: Digital Omnibus Scam #1 Anathema #1 The Mire Deadhorse Vol[...]
Could This Be The Return Of X-Factor? (Spoilers)
Or does it? We've speculated and reported rumour that X-Factor may be one of the titles being relaunched as part of Marvel Now Two. But what evidence do we have? Well, still none, but there is the final three panels fo this week's episode as to what that relaunch could entail Maybe something closer to the original[...]
Numbercrunching The DC New 52 Year-On-Year
But let's look a few months before that. The numbers on books had started to rise before the New 52 as publicity for the relaunch began to kick in As we noted at the time, DC numbers were shifting up in the month's before that fateful September If you compare numbers with, say January 2011, when[...]
A Look At November's Relaunch Of Supurbia
In November, as part of Marvel NOT, Boom! will relaunch Bleeding Cool's very own Grace Randolph's Supurbia, with the first issue of an ongoing series And here are the covers (hey, it's a Boom! relaunch, of course there are going to be covers) of the first issue. Pick your favourite… In November, as part of Marvel[...]
Marvel NOW!: New Avengers #1 By Jonathan Hickman And Steve Epting For January
As well as Jonathan Hickman writing the Avengers Marvel NOW! Relaunch, he will also be writing New Avengers, with Steve Epting on art, with #1 on sale from January 2013. That means, of the NOW 21 titles, we currently know four, including All New X-Men and Uncanny Avengers… UPDATE: And Thor #1, Iron Man #1 and Captain[...]
Friday Trending Topics: Everybody's Talking About… The Marvel Relaunch
 New books, new creative teams, new number ones?  It's that (sdcc) time of year, so we should know for sure soon.   M0st-Read Comic Stories Today: Will Marvel Now Give Us Uncanny Avengers? Bleeding Cool has already reported on a new rumoured series, Astonishing Avengers, by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena, replacing Secret Avengers on the Marvel roster, and[...]
New Batman Incorporated Comic From Morrison And Burnham As Part Of The New New 52
Batman: Leviathan Strikes collected the final two issues of what would have been the end of Batman Incorporated, before a stretched schedule and the impending New 52 relaunch knocked them off the schedule And, after some fun with Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Madonna, ended with a big To Be Continued in Leviathan! line. Well,[...]