Remy LeBeau

Mr. & Mrs. X #1 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson

Mr. & Mrs. X #1 Review: The Wedding Issue that Should Have Been

Today is the wedding of Rogue and Gambit of the X-Men. In the shadow of Kitty Pryde and Colossus' failed wedding, Anna Marie and Remy LeBeau are tying the knot, and the rest of the X-Men are doing their part to help. After the ceremony, the two go off for their honeymoon. However, they are […]

Gambit Movie Official With Channing Tatum To Star

Folks over at Deadline are telling us that Fox has officially greenlit a Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum and have assigned Josh Zetumer (Robocop) to write the script. The script will be based on a treatment done by Chris Claremont who created the character along with Jim Lee back in 1990. Gambit, also known as […]