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Wyrd Games Reveals Prof. Von Schtook's Alternate Title In Malifaux
Von Schtook, Stargazer, an alternate title for Von Schtook, a Resurrectionists Master for Malifaux's third edition, by Wyrd Games. Professor Von Schtook's alternate title was revealed in a "Waldo's Weekly" article on Wyrd Games' website on July 28th Therein, besides showing us amazing and macabre art, Wyrd has given us a look at Von Schtook's card[...]
Stealing The Past To Fight The Future! Preview Resurrectionists #6 From Dark Horse
We had a rather glorious preview on Bleeding Cool for Resurrectionists #5 previously, a series written by Fred Van Lente, with art by Maurizio Rosenzweig, and Moreno DiNisio It's reincarnation, heists, and very sticky interpersonal relationships coming full circle, and it's returning for a digital only 6th issue before being collected in print trade. Dark[...]
Reincarnation Really Complicates The Love Life: Preview Resurrectionists #5 From Dark Horse
Resurrectionists, by Fred Van Lente and Maurizio Rosenzweig, is one of the most intricate and interesting books on the market in recent months, and features the overlapping interrelationships of several reincarnated individuals, all tied back in to Ancient Egypt.  Meanwhile, they plot a massive heist in the modern day.  Issue #5, arriving March 11th on focuses[...]