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Rich Johnston Is 42 Today And His Favorite Book Is….
You know, it was actually really difficult to get Rich Johnston to answer this question He knew it was an answer he didn't want to give, but he also knew what the answer was beyond question: The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams It's a tough call to make, one's hands-down favorite book,[...]
When Rich Johnston Photo-Bombed Brian K Vaughan
Had we captured footage of a ghost? Were Scott Snyder's Wytches real and had he bought them to the freaking bar? Oh wait…nope, it's just Rich Johnston with a peach of a photo-bomb! I'm sure more than a few people woke up with sore heads after what was a really fun night and a great[...]
What's Coming Up In Bleeding Cool Magazine #13
In the latest issue of Bleeding Cool Magazine, Rich Johnston makes his rankings of who controls the future of the books we love and hate. BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #13 Retail Price: $4.99 US Full Color, 104 pages PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: It's that time of year – time to see who earns the #1 power rank position in RICH JOHNSTON's yearly[...]
Leaving On A Jet Plane…
All right folks, I'm off. San Diego bound, via Chicago. Anyone who needs to contact me, I'll be at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina, 333 W
Essential 8 Bleeding Cool Stories – Five Years Of Lying In The Gutters
Rich Johnston already had quite a reputation with readers, creators and legal departments from his previous comic book gossip work and the idea of an all Rich Johnston, all the time website hit the comic news scene a lot like I imagine the initial launch of ESPN or MTV hit mainstream media It raised a[...]
Bleeding Cool Magazine's Sci-Fi Spectacular in Stores Today
If you are a fan of Sci Fi then you want to pick up Bleeding Cool Magazine #10 in comic shops today. Bleeding Cool Magazine's Science Fiction Spectacular issue returns with a look at the best in Sci-fi in comics, film, and television! Join us to enter Dark Horse's world of Alien with coverage on their biggest new[...]
BCM Now Offering Half-Page Ad Space – Updated
Just inches away from the latest news from Rich Johnston and Brendon Connelly And now you can do it at an even lower price. Getting the word out about your project, whether it be a new comic, an upcoming film or even a convention, is key Being able to focus that marketing on your specific audience[...]
Bleeding Cool Magazine #12 Solicitation
Plus check out that awesome Hellraiser cover. BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #12 Retail Price: $4.99 US Full Color, 104 pages PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  RICH JOHNSTON gets readers ready for Halloween horrors with real life ghost stories from the comic creating community!  If you want to know what scares your favorite writers and artists, the newest issue of Bleeding Cool Magazine is[...]
Bleeding Cool Solicitation For June
We prepare you for San Diego and how to turn a trip to the Mecca of comics into a tidy profit! RICH JOHNSTON provides his unique viewpoint on the secrets the big companies don't want you to know about Pay for your comic collection with savvy tips – thousands of fans have turned back issue[...]
The Very Sweary Peppa Pig
I haven't done an All The Rage in ages. But I was inspired. Enjoy Peppa Pig...
Fist Of Justice Speaks – How To Make Rich Johnston A Zombie… And Kill Him
I tell ya', some of this stuff today is worse than dealing with insectazords, man.  I can punch those things in their creepy grasshoppery faces!  But all this other stuff? Not exactly in my bag of tricks, y'know? Interested in seeing what 'Fist of Justice' is all about?  It's not going to be available in stores,[...]