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Tony Lee & Richard Friend Create Joe Satriani Comic, Crystal Planet
Incendium and Heavy Metal Magazine have announced the launch of Crystal Planet, a new comic book created by Joe Satriani and Ned Evett, under all-new music focused OPUS imprint, but actually written by Tony Lee, drawn by Richard Friend and coloured by Carlos Cabrera Tony Lee will be known to Bleeding Cool for his work[...]
batman gotham knights 2 (10)
But does the Anglicised spelling of his surname indicate anything? Or is this just someone emerging from nowhere to write Batman comics for Ryan Benjamin and Richard Friend to draw and Aquaman comics for Aaron Lopresti to draw? Who On Earth is DC Comics' New Batman Writer Michael Grey? Art from DC. The answer is yes, Michael[...]
Deathstroke #33 cover by Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, and Brad Anderson
He doesn't like Robin, Batman, or the idea of having to give a crap about either. Deathstroke #33 art by Ed Benes, Richard Friend, and Dinei Ribeiro Ed Benes joins up as the artist this issue, and the visuals do not suffer one iota for it He provides enough detailing to maintain level of intensity that Carlos[...]
Immortal Men #1 cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair
It has interesting ideas, but they aren't conveyed with any energy, excitement, or any other way to illicit an emotional response from the reader. Immortal Men #1 art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Richard Friend, Jeremiah Skipper, and Alex Sinclair Jim Lee's artwork has lost none of its luster, as the comic does look really good[...]
Amy Reeder Does A Quickdraw For Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #6
Her time on Madam Xanadu (with writer Matt Wagner and inker Richard Friend) garnered three Eisner Nominations including Best New Series, Best Penciller/Inker (team) and Best Cover Artist. [youtube][/youtube] Let's end the weekend with a quickdraw segment from Marvel Here artist Amy Reeder draw the cover for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #6[...]