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When David Mitchell Predicted The Future - Remain Indoors

When David Mitchell Predicted The Future – Remain Indoors

Remain indoors.That Mitchell and Webb Look was a British sketch comedy television show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb As well as Mitchell and Webb themselves, the writers include Jesse Armstrong, James Bachman, Sam Bain, Mark Evans, Olivia Colman, Joel Morris, John Finnemore, and others It was produced by Gareth Edwards Colman, Bachman, and Evans[...]

First Trailer For Mitchell And Webb's Ambassadors

As Channel 4 work out how they're going to wind down Peep Show, David Mitchell and Robert Webb get busy with their next sitcom or, perhaps more in keeping with the official line, comedy drama.Ambassadors will kick off on BBC 2 next Wednesday, the 23rd Hopes are high as, besides Mitchell and Webb, the talent[...]

Three Clips From Tonight's Doctor Who, Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

I guess they're just the guys in the suits, though, as a handful of other sources have given away some surprise voice casting for these roles - said to be Peep Show's David Mitchell and Robert Webb.You can see a couple of glimpses of the robots in this brief promo for the episode.All three of these[...]

Jim Carrey Vs. Steve Carell In The Magicians At War Picture, Burt Wonderstone

I don't know if you ever saw Magicians with David Mitchell and Robert Webb, and written by Peep Show creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong? It was one of my preferred "illusionist" pictures from that recent wave which included The Prestige, The Illusionist and. er.. The Illusionist The other one.Some of what worked in Magicians[...]