RoboCop 2

Robocop Comes Back with More Pex Exclusive Figures

Robocop Comes Back with More Previews Exclusive Figures

The first figure announced is from RoboCop 2 and this time it is featuring a new battle damaged armor set The figure will come with a gun accessory The metallic style paint in the battle damage really showcases his look in the film The figure only stands for .5 inches tall but is just packed with detail[...]

Robocop Is Coming Home with Us Dead or Alive from NECA

Robocop Is Coming Home With Us Dead Or Alive From NECA

Hiya Toys bring us back to 1990 with our RoboCop 2 RoboCop figure He does come with two accessories one being a hand with the data probe in the other is famous Beretta This figure will also be highly articulated in shows the unique paint job from RoboCop 2 We don’t see a lot of RoboCop collectibles out there lately[...]