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Dr. Volt’s Comic Connection in Salt Lake City
Volt's Comic Connection of Salt Lake City, Utah, is named after the original owner of the store who used to be a pro-wrestler and who named the store after his character The store passed through a number of hands and was sold to current owner Dave Landa twenty years ago in 2001 Or that was[...]
This Is What Green Arrow Would Be Like in Real Life
McCormick, has been charged with three felony counts at the lowest grade, for aiming his bow and arrows at Black Lives Matter protestors in Salt Lake City last week as well as an additional misdemeanour charge of threatening or using a weapon in a fight The felony charges could see five years jail each, with[...]
Metallica Mondays Presents A Show From 1997 This Week
It is a neat idea, and this week the boys present their show from January 2nd, 1997, from Salt Lake City, Utah This was during the Pour Touring Me trek, and if you are a fan of the album Load, you are in luck Some songs that just are not played anymore off that album[...]
This Is What Green Arrow Would Be Like in Real Life
And that was also Brandon McCormick of getting out of his car during a Black Lives Matter protest in Salt Lake City, Utah, yelling 'Yes I'm an American, all lives matter!' before producing a compound bow and arrows and aiming it at the protestors, to screams, in different directions at different people, before he was[...]
Things To Do In Salt Lake City This Week If You Like Comics
Movie screening will be occurring throughout the week in theaters in both Salt Lake City and in Park City, just a 30 minute drive into the heart of the stunning Wasatch Mountains. Starting Tuesday and occurring again on Wednesday is the Salt Lake City Public Library's event celebrating 50 selected works by beloved author and illustrator[...]
Dealing Cool #4: A Retailer Perspective from Black Cat Comics
Enjoy!     MY SHOP, DEFINED Set the stage for the Bleeding Cool viewer — what's the core of your business? Where are you located, and what's your primary clientele? We pride ourselves on being a comic book store, meaning that we have no trading cards or games.  Not that there's anything wrong with specializing in those lines; I've just[...]
New York Times Put Real Life Superheroes On The Front Page
Today the New York Times has put Real Life Super Heroes on the front paage of their paper in an article talking about Salt Lake City's own Utah saints, Black Monday comprised of  Red Voltage, Asylum, Nihilist and more. "Red Voltage, who in mild-mannered daytime life is a 23-year-old residential leasing manager named Roman Daniels, casually[...]