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Abbott #5 cover by Taj Tenfold

Abbott #5 Review: A Disappointing Ending to an Unfulfilled Series

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Abbott is at the mercy of Bellcamp now. She is tied up and witnessing all the monstrosities he has and is willing to commit. He has plans for Elena Abbott. Her friends search for her and want to help, but this is a fight that Abbott must handle alone. Abbott #5 concludes the […]

Abbott #4 cover by Taj TenfoldAbbott #4 cover by Taj Tenfold

Abbott #4 Late Review: Something Great is Hidden in this Comic

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Elena Abbott has been fired from her newspaper job, and she is no closer to finishing the story she has been chasing all this time. However, this does not stop her, and she begins hitting up the police department and other contacts for information about Detroit University and Professor Bellcamp. However, the world […]

Abbott #2 cover by Taj Tenfold

Bleeding Cool Comics Chatter Episode 1.5: Abbott #2

Welcome to the first official episode of Bleeding Cool's Comics Chatter! This is the show where I, Comic Reviews Editor Josh Davison, chat the week's releases with my co-hosts. This week I am joined by Eliot, our comments moderator and sometimes comic reviewer on BC. We will be talking about Marvel's Peter Parker: The Spectacular […]

[Breaking] Saladin Ahmed Receiving First Creator-Owned Series From BOOM!

Saladin Ahmed, well-known for his acclaimed Black Bolt series by Marvel Comics and his book  Throne of the Crescent Moon is receiving his first creator-owned series by BOOM! Studios "Discover Yours" panel. It was announced at a NYCC Boom! Studios panel today. The series is called Abbot, and it will be done with artist Sami Kivela. It's slated to come out in January […]

Beautiful Canvas #1 Review: Crimes Of Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Beautiful Canvas is a new crime (ish?) comic out this week from Black Mask Studios. I say "crime-ish" since it seems to have a crime story at the heart of it, buried as it is under a few layers of super powers, made-for-TV-movie characters and baffling dialog choices. (Seriously, can anyone tell me what […]

Instinct, Or Doing It All Backwards

Mark Bertolini writes for Bleeding Cool: My name is Mark Bertolini, and I'm a comic book writer with several titles to my name (my output can be found here at Comixology:, and my most recent release is Scum of the Earth from Action Lab/Danger Zone ( But I'm writing about a new project, one […]