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Pokémon TCG Japan: Scarlet & Violet ex Preview: Sandile Art Rare
Credit: Pokémon TCG It's Sandile! Once again, I love how the use of Art Rares as chase cards rather than mechanic-driven cards opens us up to seeing unlikely species get the spotlight, much like Character Rares Before this, Sandile has never been featured on a card with a rarity above Common, so it's fantastic to see[...]
The Seasons Change: Part 2 Event Surprises Pokémon GO Players
Pawniard, Sandile, and Vullaby cannot be caught in the wild, though Read on to find out how you can obtain these brand new releases and add them to your Pokédex Currently, Pawniard, Sandile, and Vullaby are only obtainable through the new 12KM Eggs called "Strange Eggs." While you can look out for our full piece[...]