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Arrow – Behind The Visual Effect
From the more complicated stuff like making the Atom suit fly or making a man out of bees to what appears more mundane, a man pulling himself off of an arrow or bringing Sara Lance back to life… all of these are done by CGI. Arrow returns April 26th on the CW. [...]
Will Rip Hunter Ever Truly Be Back With The Legends
He found a way to connect with everyone on the ship, most notably he helped Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) look at herself as more than just a killer This season Rip has been missing for most of the season, forcing Sara into a leadership role and now that he's back, he's working with the bad[...]
Rip Hunter And The Spear Of Destiny On Legends Of Tomorrow – Spoilers
Sara Lances (Caity Lotz) is sitting in the cargo bay, brooding and holding a foot-long piece of metal with a point at one end Jefferson Jackson (Franz Drameh) enters and tries to cheer her up Seems she is upset that they've just had a fight with the Legion of Doom and the bad guys got[...]
Ra's al Ghul To Make An Appearance On Legends Of Tomorrow
In a synopsis released by the CW for the March 31st episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, we learn probably more than you want to know since we haven't seen the next episode… but needless to say that Sara Lance has reason to go see the League of Assassins in circa 1950s and meet up (for[...]
New Legends Of Tomorrow Includes A Nod To Smallville
In this scene from the next episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, we see Sara Lance and Martin Stein have gone undercover at a local hospital Sara helps a fellow nurse with an overly aggressive doctor and may have found a new friend We also see that Vandal Savage is working in the hospital as[...]
Arrow Showrunner Talks About Constantine And Saving Sara
Tonight's episode of Arrow beings us the return of John Constantine (Matt Ryan) to television and deals with the fallout form Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) being resurrected The video below has showrunner Wendy Mericle talking about Sara getting out, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) calling in Constantine and a new dynamic between Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne)[...]
Caity Lotz Talks About Her Return And Her Wardrobe Change
Now Lotz is going to be returning once more as Sara Lance thanks to the Lazarus Pit But now she will be calling herself the White Canary… here she talks with TVLine about coming back and keeping in shape just before the trailer for the new series was shown last week. DC's Legends Of Tomorrow is[...]
Caity Lotz Returns In Nicholas McCarthy's Horror Sequel The Pact 2
We've seen Caity Lotz over the last year playing Sara Lance, the leather clad Canary on the hit CW series Arrow Now she puts down her batons and returns to the role of Annie in Nicholas McCarthy's horror sequel The Pact 2 In the story about a woman who has nightmares about a serial killer only[...]