This Episodes Not Big Enough For Both Zombies And Slavery

This article contains spoilers for DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode – Abominations







There are some horrific moments in history. Moments that are a scar on humanity that will never heal. And when you are making a show about time travelers, some of those moments have to come up eventually. These moments are tough to deal with in an hour-long comic book drama. Legends of Tomorrow tried to deal with one of those horrific scars this week, slavery.

The episode was good in the way it tried to show the strength and courage of the men and women who were so terribly mistreated… the bad is that they tried to show it as only part of the episode that also included fighting zombies and dealing with fear. Sara's fear of making the wrong choice as leader, Nate's fear that his powers won't work when he needs them, Ray's fear of having nothing to offer the team, Mick's fear of being alone and Martin's fear of zombies. No really, he has an irrational fear of zombies.

After receiving a distress signal from a time pirate, the team goes to investigate and discover a courier, Henry Scott, a free Black man who stole the Confederate war plans and gave them to the union… being attacked by zombies. Scott dies and Mick gets infected… and it changes everything in the future. So Amaya and Jax go to do what Scott was supposed to, Sarah and Nate go to warn General Ulysses S. Grant about the zombies and Ray and Martin take Mick back to the ship to save him.

The story of Sarah and Nate is pretty straight forward. They help Grant fight off the zombies and Sarah ends up devising a plan that uses Nate's unreliable powers to destroy the creatures. The plan is to draw all the zombies to him then blowing up a box of nitroglycerin. This plan is good if Nate can turn his powers on. He is able to and he takes care of the creatures. Grant imparts some wisdom on Sarah about making the tough decisions as a leader.

The part that takes Amaya and Jax to a plantation, have them deal with slaves and abusive white owners is powerful but blunted by the fact that none of the slaves are ever given enough time to become relatable characters. Though I give credit to the series for the message it tried to send, but I think the topic is one that deserved more space to be explored.

My favorite part of the episode involved Mick, asking Ray… not Haircut, but Ray… to save him. The two have been becoming friends since the first season in the most awkward way and this episode finally brings it to the forefront. Ray gets the first serum wrong and it turns Mick into a zombie, but Ray stays on it while he and Martin try to stay alive. Eventually Ray figures it out and they turn Mick back to normal. At the end of the episode, Ray goes to check on Mick who pulls out a box. Inside the box is Leonard Snart's cold gun that he gives to Ray. He says he's looking for a new partner… Ray's response: "Cool".

Other than trying to tackle a topic too big for the episode, I think it was overall a good one that moved the characters along nicely and did some more bonding among the team. I look forward to more with Ray and Mick, to Nate using his powers more and Sara becoming more of a leader. Next week they go to the one place no time traveler should ever go…. the 80's.

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