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NYCC 2014: Writing And Penciling: Storytelling

Accompanying Scalera were artists, Jamal Igle, Sara Pichelli, Sean Chen, and colorist Paul Mounts...The panel started off with a list of five summaries of what an example comic could include This caught me a bit my surprise, because I was expecting to hear from a writer about forming these summaries Instead, they dove straight into[...]

Ch-Ch-Changes – Sara Pichelli On All-New X-Men

Ahead of the arrival of Miles Morales in All-New X-Men #31, Sara Pichelli will be drawing issue #30 instead of the solicited Stuart Immonen.Of course, which Miles Morales this will be is another matter As X-editor Mike Marts said at SE:NYC when asked if it would be the Ultimate Miles Morales or the Morales we[...]

Essential 8 Women Working In Comics – Yes, Gail, Boys Like Comics Too

Like the Bechdel Test, Simone’s Women in Refrigerators conceit has created lively conversation about gender representation in comics in a way that I think has benefitted the whole comics community.Sara PichelliAt any given time there’s only a small number of incredibly in-demand superstar superhero comics artists like Sara Pichelli Pichelli is the co-creator with Brian[...]

"We Need You To Be Ready" – The Women of Marvel Panel Speaks Out at New York Comic Con

“Clearly next year we need a bigger room”, Jeanine Schaeffer commented to wild applause.Kelly Sue DeConnick, Sara Pichelli, Janet Lee, Stephanie Hans, Jeanine Schaeffer, Sana Amanat, Lauren Sankovitch, Emily Shaw, Ellie Pyle, and Judy Stephens were all on call for what kept threatening to break into standing ovations as these women of Marvel were announced[...]

More Uncanny Avengers Art – And How To Make It Pay

And it's just a start.Here's a look at three more covers to Uncanny Avengers #1, by Daniel Arcuna, Sara Pichelli and John Cassaday.And a little bit of colour art to go with this morning's black and white.. and a cover to A + X while we're at it.We've been reporting that Uncanny Avengers #1 looks[...]

Avengers Vs X-Men #3 Takes A French Attitude To Variants

They are available to retailers who over 90% of their orders for for the first issue.There are then 1:25 covers with the regular J Scott Campbell varuant, 1:100 for the Sara Pichelli variant and 1:200 for the Sara Pichelli sketch version, all below... The variant covers have done a fine job of selling Avengers[...]

Kapow Convention Adds Some Muffin To Their Sausage

I told the organisers that Conan artist Becky Cloonan would be attending as a fan, they reached out to her and now she's just been announced as a guest, along with Italian artist on Ultimate Spider-Man and the second Castle graphic novel, Sara Pichelli, Freakangels colourist Kate Brown and Vampire Acandemy and Thrill Electric artist Emma[...]

Brian Bendis And Sara Pichelli Working On A New Comic

Sara Pichelli's work on Runaways was much loved but it was her work on Ultimate Spider-Man with Brian Bendis that pushed her into the A-list.But now they are working on.. something else And apparently the first issue is already drawn.In an interview for Comic Book Noise, Bendis talked about ending his Avengers run with double[...]

Video: Unboxing Ultimate Spider-Man #1 On The Tube

Fresh out of Orbital Comics this morning, Ultimate Spider-Man #1, starring the half black-half hispanic Miles Morales, by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli, polybagged, and opened on the London Underground, between Leicester Square and Waterloo...[youtube][/youtube]Fresh out of Orbital Comics this morning, Ultimate Spider-Man #1, starring the half black-half hispanic Miles Morales, by Brian[...]