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The Evil Queen looks so menacing flanked by Scar and Cruella, and the colors really pop and let you know this is different than other versions of Monopoly your have played That bleeds over to the game board and spaces as well There are some deep cuts here, and Disney fans will get a kick[...]
D23: Hugh Jackman Rumored As Scar in Disney's 'The Lion King'
Though not officially confirmed at the film's D23 panel earlier today, rumors are growing that actor Hugh Jackman (Logan) has joined the cast of Disney's "live" adaptation of The Lion King as iconic villain Scar Scheming brother of King Mufasa and uncle to cub prince Simba, Scar was first made famous by actor Jeremy Irons (Reversal of[...]
The Scar On Superman's Back
A scar of some sorts, what kind of beast could have caused such damage to the Man Of Steel? Leaving the Daily Planet is one thing But who could have stabbed him in the back? There's a lot of fuss from USA Today that Clark Kent is quitting his job on the Daily Planet in a[...]
ShiftyLook Launches New Web Comic, Scar, Based On Genpei Tōma Den
Bleeding Cool has been running a number of articles on ShiftyLook, the company set up by NAMCO Bandai to turn some of their older games into comic books with decent name talent, and then relaunch the games on the back of them. At the PAX East games convention in Boston, ShiftyLook have announced a new webcomics[...]