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Using new data from a poll commissioned by them and conducted by YouGov, Variety has released a new article lat week using lots of math, science, and fancy statistics to prove what everyone already knew: the reason people have stopped watching WWE over the past twenty years is that WWE has sucked The article, written[...]
NASA Finds "Star Trek" Image On Mars, Your Move Lucasfilm
Do you believe in coincidences? Before you answer… this week, super smart scientists at the University of Arizona working on the HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) project announced a very pop-culture-relevant discovery Their HiRISE camera (part of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) took a picture of "dune casts" on the surface of Mars that look[...]
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Talks 'Cosmos' Season 2 and More at SDCC
Five years ago during San Diego Comic-Con, there was a pressroom for the yet-to-be-released revamp of Cosmos, and I was one of the 4 people who attended the pressroom.  It had been scheduled up against Supernatural or some such show, and it was so disappointing to see so few members of the press interested in speaking with[...]
Science and Supernatural Collide in CBS All Access 'Strange Angel' Official Trailer
The worlds of science and supernatural have a date with destiny — and with Jack Parson (Jack Reynor) — in the first official trailer for Strange Angel, CBS All Access's new drama series from Mark Heyman (Black Swan, The Skeleton Twins). Directed and executive produced by David Lowery (A Ghost Story) and based on true events,[...]
Fox Unveils 2018-2019 Trailers: Last Man Standing, The Cool Kids, Rel, and More
Continuing the legacy of its predecessors, COSMOS: POSSIBLE WORLDS will translate the revelations of science into a lavishly transporting experience, taking audiences on a series of spiritual voyages of exploration We are living in the golden age of discovery of new worlds to explore and possibly inhabit In the vastness of time and the immensity[...]
Stephen Hawking in Cambridge by Doug Wheller
It has since become one of the best selling science books of all time. Dr Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford, England on January 8th, 1942 Dr Hawking was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, or ALS, at the age of 21 in 1963 He was given two years to live. He attended both the University of Oxford[...]
Geek Fashion Takes To The Stars With New Swimwear Line That Also Gives To STEM
Created by actress/producer Rileah Vanderbilt along with costumer Jes Reaves, the lines have a distinctly space-y bent to them. While the bulk of current geek fashion is inspired by fictional elements, Vanderbilt and Reaves have gone the more grounded approach: inspired by a love of space and science In keeping with that passion for science, the company[...]
Theory Of Everything Featurette Teaches Us Something
Now with the film Theory Of Everything, we are getting a better look at what the man has gone through. But do you know about Hawking Radiation and how he changed the way we look at black holes? The film producers have released this featurette showing astrophysicist and man most people would want to chat with[...]
Tesla's Ashes, From Museum To Church
Sava, where a monument to Serbian founder George Petrovich. Planned by the Serbian Orthodox Church, and supported by government, the plan is intended to unite Serbia's biggest names in religion, history and science, Sava, Tesla and Petrovich. It';s expected to boost church attendance and it also helps that there's an election on the way and its a[...]