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Platinum Signs Deal With Echelon To Create Diverse Comic Book Movies
Remember Platinum Studios? Scott Rosenberg's entertainment company that managed to make Cowboys & Aliens into a movie with some rather interesting manipulating of the statistics? And who ended up owning a bunch of Rob Liefeld's properties, and sold Youngblood to Andrew Rev at Terrific Production? Well that have a new deal to announce, with a[...]
Apparently John Cusack's Not a Huge Fan of Disney's High Fidelity Series
DeVincentis, Steve Pink and Scott Rosenberg as co-screenwriters on the film, a fact Cusack appears to take issue with now that Rosenberg is involved in the Disney version: So why is Disney looking to bring back High Fidelity? For Cusack, the answer's simple: to ride the coattails of what came before – a move he's not[...]
Venom Teaser Has Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock Feeling the Burn
Directed by Ruben Fleischer from a screenplay by Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner, Kelly Marcel  and Will Beall, the film will focus on Hardy's anti-hero Brock and his struggles to make sense of a failed life that gets dramatically more complicated (and deadly) as forces beyond his imagination begin wrecking even further havoc on his life. Intended to[...]
Michael Bay's 451 Media Group To Publish Hi-Tech Graphic Novels
451 will be offering fans a sneak peak of the content, along with additional information and promotions, beginning this summer on Machinima. The lineup of creators for 451's graphic novels includes: Scott Rosenberg (Con Air, High Fidelity, Gone in Sixty Seconds) Skip Woods (Wolverine, Hitman, A Good Day to Die Hard) George Pelecanos (The Wire, The Pacific,[...]
The Secret Story Behind Cowboys And Aliens
So, is this movie based on a comic book? Not a bit of it. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, (the mid nineties) Scott Rosenberg had just sold Malibu to Marvel and as Platinum Studios, he was flush with cash With Ervin Rustemagić, founder of Strip Art Features in Sarajevo, he gotten hold[...]