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A look at The SeX-Men in Doom Patrol season 2 (Image: DC Universe/HBO Max)
With only eight days to go until the return of DC Universe and (now) HBO Max's dysfunctional do-gooders Doom Patrol, do you really need any more reasons to be excited? We've got Mark Sheppard's (Supernatural) Willoughby Kipling returning, Niles "The Chief" Caulder's (Timothy Dalton) daughter Dorothy Spinner (Abigail Shapiro) joining (and hopefully not destroying the world),[...]
demon slayer
So keeping in mind that there might just be a few of you out there just like me, here are five anime with single seasons (for some, at least for now) that are weekend binge-worthy: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Land of the Lustrous Trailer『宝石の国』本PV | Houseki no Kuni ( ● "Houseki No Kuni"[...]
Crunchyroll's Winter 2019 Anime Season Welcomes 6 New Titles
Crunchyroll is giving anime fans six more reasons to "Stay Crunchy!" with some welcome additions to their Winter 2019 anime season What follows is an overview of the six projects: Boogiepop and Others, Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, Meiji Tokyo Renka, WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me, Kemono Friends 2, and Katana Maidens ~ Mini Toji;[...]
More New Video From The Full Season On Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD
What next? Here's more video in this full season trailer for the rest of Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD. Watch now We'll talk about how hackers who live in their van have perfect makeup, hair and a pressed suit at all times later. [youtube][/youtube] And yes, Agent Coulson will decide what they call themselves next time, okay? [...]
The Firefly Season Two That Never Was
But it wasn't the only revelation of the show. The cast talked about how they would have seen their characters in season two, and talked about episodes that were never made. Nathan Fillon: He would have been more bitter, more crochety, right? Summer Glau: I was gunning for Wash's job Alan Tudyk: Well she could have had my job,[...]