"Demon Slayer", "Promised Neverland" & More: 5 Anime Worth a One-Season Weekend Watch [SPOILERS]

If you are like me, either most of your family lives very far (or in another country) or are working most of the holidays. Add to the fact that I was born and raised outside the U.S. so not exactly having the kind of connection with Thanksgiving as others do, and you can see how holiday weekends can sometimes feel a bit "eh" (reason for my Demon Slayer obsession).

I like using the time to catch up on shows I might have missed during the month or year. So keeping in mind that there might just be a few of you out there just like me, here are five anime with single seasons (for some, at least for now) that are weekend binge-worthy:

● "Houseki No Kuni" (Land of the Lustrous)

At first I was not into the animation, but not even a minute into it everything changed. Houseki No Kuni is a beautifully rendered world of humanoid creatures who embody precious gems. It was visually stunning and when I sat to watch, I binged all of it in pretty much one sitting. It is a beautiful story about defeating odds, wanting to be better and useful, and I hope they continue it at some point because I truly want to know the real story behind their master, Kongou, and the attacks on the gems by the Moon Dwellers.

● "Death Note"
There is not much to say about this one other than– it's Death Note! This anime is always a treat to watch. The constant suspense trying to catch Kira and how close they get at times is amazing. Put that together with great animation and voila! Perfection. Even when I know what is going to happen, I still cry and get mini heart-attacks every time they come close.

"Promised Neverland"

In Promised Neverland, we follow a house of orphaned kids in a dystopian world. After thinking one of the younger kids has been adopted, they realize they are actually being grown as cattle and being fed to demons. It is a pretty heavy story in which we experience loss and freedom.

"Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba"

I cannot recommend Demon Slayer enough. It has been the most visually stunning and captivating anime I have seen in awhile. While it pretty much partakes of usual anime archetypes, it never goes the cliché route – instead, finding new narrative trails to blaze. It is a lovely story that I cannot wait to see expand next year when the movie comes out.

"Puella Magi Madoka Magica"

As always, a Maho Shojo pick is needed… this is a beautiful take on the "Magical Girl" genre. When I first watched it, I loved it because it was such a refreshing take: what happens when the deal you made with a creature to become a "Magical Girl" is not what you expected? What would you do if it went wrong? What if after spending your life saving the world you die and became what you were fighting against all along? It is just one season that goes very fast once you start watching.

With demons reawakened and humanity in turmoil, a sensitive demon-boy is led into a brutal, degenerate war against evil by his mysterious friend, Ryo.

As for what is on my "To Watch" list, you ask? Simple: Devilman Crybaby.