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So Who Sired Shinobi Shaw Anyway?
Once, off-panel, at the hands of Sebastian Shaw, then revived by Selene for Necrosha-X. Necrosha-X #1 And then again, in the run-up to House Of X in Uncanny X-Men, in the most mysterious of suicide scenes. Uncanny X-Men In the Marauders comic books, Sebastian Shaw was there to bring him back to life along with the other mutants on[...]
X-Men #129 Highest Graded CGC Copy On Auction At ComicConnect
Not only is it one of the more powerful issues of the Claremont run on the book, but it is the first appearance of Kitty Pryde (my personal favorite mutant), Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, and the Hellfire Club The professor comes back to the team, Banshee leaves the team, and it just leaves you so[...]
Something Very Nasty Happens To Sebastian in Maraiuders
Previously on Marauders… Sebastian Shaw killed Kitty Pryde Saw her and her dragon Lockheed drown, while opining that, as Kitty Pryde was unable to go through Krakoan gates, she wpuld also be unable to be revived from death alongside the rest of the Krakoan mutants Her death woulkd be permanent And so, for a while,[...]
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Almost Explained Anakin’s Force Ghost
In the final scene, he peers off into the distance where he sees the force ghosts of Yoda (Frank Oz), Obi-Wan (Alec Guinness), and now, Anakin (Sebastian Shaw) joining them Since the amended Special Edition in 2004, Lucas replaced him with younger Anakin actor Hayden Christensen He would go on to play him in Attack[...]
Marauders #3 [Preview]
Marauders #3 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by the Gerry Duggan of Comics, Gerry Duggan, and Michele Bandini, and in this preview below, we finally see things from Sebastian Shaw's perspective, after Emma Frost made a fool of him last issue. First, we get a tour of the various locations in this episode[...]
X-Men Blue #24 cover by Jorge Molina
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Sebastian Shaw attacks Magneto after he rejects the offer to join Mothervine Meanwhile, the new Marauders attack Xorn after he too rejects their offer Thankfully, Xorn receives help in the form of Jimmy Hudson and Bloodstorm Unfortunately, Malice infiltrates the Madripoor mansion through the body of Polaris. Finally, Briar Raleigh seeks out new X-Men with[...]
How Comics Have Influence Politics With Van Jones Part 2
Jones made new in comic circles when he compared Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to the Marvel Comic's super-villain Sebastian Shaw of the Hellfire Club Today we continue the conversation about how comic books have effected society and politics as well as diving into the current presidential election. DW: What first made me contact you about[...]
How Comics Have Influenced Politics With Van Jones Part 1
Awhile back we did a story about a CNN commentator named Van Jones who compared Donald Trump to Sebastian Shaw of the X-Men The story got a lot of attention including from Jones himself Now Shaw isn't a fixture in the pop culture as some other super villains like Lex Luthor or Doctor Doom, which[...]