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Is The Entire DC Universe A Drunken Illusion

Is The Entire DC Universe A Drunken Illusion?

The finale of the TV drama St Elsewhere saw the whole show recontextualised as the imaginings of an autistic child staring into a snowglobe. And because the show crossed over with other shows – and those shows with yet more shows – as Dwayne McDuffie once explained, Characters from St. Elsewhere have appeared on Homicide, […]

The Return Of All-Star To DC Comics

The Return Of 'All-Star' To DC Comics

And you'll never guess who is getting the treatment.Go on have a go.Ready?Garth Ennis and John McCrea, renaming the upcoming Section 8 mini-series as All-Star Section 8.Toldja. All-Star was a DC Comics imprint intended to publish definitive non-continuity new reader friendly takes on DC Comics characters from some of the finest talents in the industry.All-Star[...]