Garth Ennis And John McCrea Revive Hitman Characters For Section Eight As Part Of DC's June Mini-Relaunch

Hitman was just a wonderful comic book. By Garth Ennis and John McCrea, it took a sicker, lighter, weirder take to the DC Comics universe, but then telling the poignant story about the lead character's life and death that touched all who read it. It is remembered fondly, and fuelled a fight to get the entire series collected for the bookshelf.

Well, the character died. Spoilers. And is not coming back.

But the members of the cod-superhero team he was accidentally a member of are, in the new series as part of June's mini-relaunch, Section Eight, by the same creative team.


This is the team as was… I wonder how many will make it to the new version?

Sixpack, with the power to get very drunk and hit people with broken glass bottles. The centre of the team, he believes he is a real superhero with amazing powers. He is responsible for gathering Section Eight together.

The Defenestrator has the power to throw people through windows and looks and sounds like Arnold Schwarzeneggar. He's dead but could he… be back?

Dogwelder. A man who has the power, with a blowtorch, to weld dogs to people.

Friendly Fire – a man with actual superpowers, shooting bolts of lightning, but he always shoots his compatriots by mistake. He also blew his own head off..

Jean de Baton-Baton has the power of being French. Fights with baguettes, garlic and onions.

Flemgem can create enormous amounts of phlegm, used as an attacking substance.

Shakes, a man full of nervous tics and stutters, who just upsets people through his general demeanour. Blew up in a gas station.

Then there is Bueno Excelente, an offensive stereotype, who only says "Bueno" or "Excelente" and who, basically, has the power to anally rape his foe, covered at DC by having the "power of perversion". One of his victims was believed to be Kyle Rayner.

How many of them will return and join the new Section Eight? In this case the "Batgirling" will hopefully just do what they always did before….

You can read up on the rest of DC's June mini-relaunch here.

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