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Alex Paknadel's Top Ten Comics On Sequential
PM Buchan writes, The SEQUENTIAL summer sale, which ends on Saturday, is the biggest indie graphic novel sale EVER, featuring over 350 graphic novels at 50-90% off the print price. 18 publishers are participating in the sale and offering an amazing range of titles, including Hellboy, Sin City and Love & Rockets. Alex Paknadel, writer of ARCADIA from[...]
Dark Horse Joins The Sequential Comics iOS App
The Sequential App is an iOS boutigue digital graphic novel service, curating a number of select graphic novels for a discerning digital purchaser Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, Knockabout, Blank Slate, Self Made Hero, those are the kind of publishers you expect to find there. Well, now they have sold out to the man. Because they had done a[...]
Get Your Free Digital Version Of British Library's Comics Unmasked On iOS
But still possibly not enough. The exhibition included tablets featuring Sequential, an iOS app that acts as a graphic novel boutique, featuring the finest comic books in digital form. And they've also made available, for free, a guide to some of the exhibits, as well as greater examples of the comics on display, along with the curated[...]
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Roses Of Berlin Out Early, Today, On Digital
The Sequential App, which specialises in publishing and distributing select graphic novels, creating a boutique store, has the new League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novella, Roses Of Berlin, by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill out today. It's not yet available on ComiXology, nor in print, this appears to be a deliberate early sale to help promote[...]
Neil Gaiman's Lost Comics, For Free, And For Charity
Knockabout Comics and graphic novel app SEQUENTIAL are publishing a digital collection of Neil Gaiman's 'lost' comic strips from the 1980s for free – and it's in aid of charity. Neil Gaiman's Lost Tales will feature collaborations with Bryan Talbot, Dave McKean and more with a rare interview conducted in the eighties, Gaiman's original typed notes for Sandman, sample[...]
Verity Fair For 99 Cents – The Biggest Bargain In Graphic Novels Right Now
I'm never going to top that… So anyway, there's a graphic novel app called Sequential We've mentioned that too. And for the next ten days, they have Terry Wiley's Verity Fair down from $9.99 to $0.99 Or 69 pence in proper money Either way, that is your comic book bargain of the month. Verity Fair takes one character[...]
Sequential – The Digital Boutique Graphic Novel App Goes Live (UPDATE)
UPDATE: Yes, sorry folks, UK and Ireland only… Sequential, the digital boutique graphic novel app that we covered in depth a few weeks ago, has gone live on Apple iOS devices Launch titles include From Hell, Nelson, Verity Fair, Bolland Strips, Hugo Tate and more. Many of the titles include extras, including audio tracks. The title Fictions by[...]