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Ghost Files: The Ghoul Boys of Watcher Tease Spooky New Series
Admit it, most fans (including myself) of the ghoul boys, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej hoped that news about a new ghost hunting show would come out after the final season of BuzzFeed Unsolved Coming to terms with the grief that is saying goodbye to some online content, no one except those over at Watcher Entertainment could[...]
Are You Scared? Season 4 Arrives Friday On Watcher's YouTube Channel
Get ready to hear the voice of Ryan Bergara and the dark humor of Shane Madej are back for the commentary and the terror for season 4 of Are You Scared? on Friday While Ryan has gotten the "true crime mixed with the intensity of a dateline episode about ghosts" voice down, Shane continues to[...]
Did Puppet History Just Kill Off a Main Character in Season 4 Finale?
The episode, "The Demonic Possessions of Loudun" covers the Loudun witch trials in 17th century France as puppet The Professor (Shane Madej) and students Ryan Bergara and Sarah Rubin compete for the honor of being named the episode's History Master The episode also features cameos from previous Puppet History episodes including exploration of the show's long-running[...]