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ShiftyLook Closes – But Udon To Keep Their Comics Going If They Can
Radical. Now ShiftyLook can join the band of people with plenty of money trying to take a punt in the comics industry – until they suddenly can't anymore Namco/Bandai's funded webcomics in an attempt to revive faded video game IP launched big, recruited talent, had a large presence at comic conventions, but that has faded of[...]
Welcome To Galaga
Namco/Bandai digital comics publisher ShiftyLook have launced their  new strip, announced at NYCC, based on the game Galaga, from Ryan North, Christopher Hastings and Anthony Clark. Sequel to Galaxian, Galaga was a Space-Invaders style arcade game from the early eighties, revived in popularity recently with Galaga Legions on XBox Live.   Namco/Bandai digital comics publisher ShiftyLook have[...]
ShiftyLook Moves Into Cartoons – Bravoman, Jim Zub, Scott Kurtz And More
ShiftyLook, the NAMCO/Bandai company that recreates classic games from their back catalogue as webcomics, in order to recreate them has brands has announced two new projects, at their panel at San Diego Comic Con But rather than new webcomics, they are both animated cartoons. The first is Bravoman, with the subtitle Cartoon Of Unequalled Excellence, by[...]
San Diego PR Runaround – ShiftyLook To Toddland To Scott Pilgrim
From my inbox to your eyes… ShiftyLook: NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., a subsidiary of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc (TYO: 7832), announced today a fun-filled weekend of special events to occur during the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con (held from July 12 to 15, 2012 at the San Diego Convention Center) Activities include an industry-only party, a huge freeplay[...]
Legend Of The Valkyrie By Jimmy Palmiotti And Justin Gray From ShiftyLook With New Time Crisis Art And Marv Wolfman Details From MCM London Expo
Stephen LAcey writes from London MCM Expo for Bleeding Cool, with more details an visuals about yesterday's announcements; The big announcement from yesterday's Shiftylook panel at the MCM Expo was that Marv Wolfman would be writing a webcomic for based on the classic Time Crisis arcade games Wolfman spoke about adapting the arcade game, saying[...]
ShiftyLook Comes To London. With A Few Friends.
BleedingCool has been following how ShiftyLook has been investing in the comics industry of late How it has employed studios to create webcomics using known creator names to revive forgotten or unknown gaming brands from the Namco Bandai stable. And now it's doing something similar with comics conventions Next weekend, Britain's lergest comics conventuion, the MCM[...]
BC Mag #0: ShiftyLook
Advertising seems to have dropped off, customers are increasingly worried about skyrocketing prices, and piracy is on the rise. So thank the Lord for ShiftyLook, a new initiative within Japanese gaming giant Namco Bandai commissioning webcomics from deliciously wonderful creators and then putting them all online for free How the hell? You can find the full article[...]
ShiftyLook Lines Up Webcomic Stars For Dig Dug
Bleeding Cool has been following ShiftyLook, the publisher created by Namco Bandai, to recreate arcade classics as webcomics, with an eye to revitalising their brands. The latest, announced on their podcast, is the game Dig Dug, being reinterpreted by a bunch of webcomic creators, for its 30th anniversary. Here's a list of their initial creators on the[...]
C2E2: ShiftyLook Launches Two New Webcomics With Jimmy Palmiotti And Jim Zubkavich
We're pretty obsessed with ShiftyLook over here at Bleeding Cool At the C2E2 panel that's just concluded in Chicago, this Japanese company looking to translate less well known video games into comics, with an eye to reviving the games as well have announced two more webcomics to join the party. The first is Wonder Momo: Battle[...]
ShiftyLook Launches New Web Comic, Scar, Based On Genpei Tōma Den
Bleeding Cool has been running a number of articles on ShiftyLook, the company set up by NAMCO Bandai to turn some of their older games into comic books with decent name talent, and then relaunch the games on the back of them. At the PAX East games convention in Boston, ShiftyLook have announced a new webcomics[...]
What Is This ShiftyLook Thing And Why Should I Care?
ShiftyLook is his brainchild, a web comics venture that produces series based on (or incredibly loosely inspired by) vintage and new videogames Namco Bandai, the Japanese mega corporation which produces everything from the Soulcalibur videogames to the Ben 10 toys has given him the freedom to create comics using their IP, which ranges from PacMan[...]