silver cerebus

Dave Sim Sings 'Silver Cerebus'

Dave Sim Sings 'Silver Cerebus'

Dave Sim is continuing his Cerebus In Hell one-shots into 2020 with Silver Cerebus And while Dave Sim may not be able to draw much Cerebus yet (though he has been managing a little) and still relies on cut and pasted Cerebus stories, he can at least hold a microphone Whether or not he can[...]

Dave Sim Mashes Up Silvr Surfer and Cerebus for Silver Cerebus

Dave Sim Mashes Up Silver Surfer and Cerebus for The Silver Cerebus

Another Cerebus In Hell oneshot, taking the etchings of Gustave Dore and slapping cut-and-past Cerebus images over the top, and creating a comic book - in this case a parody of Jack Kirby's Silver Surfer.SILVER CEREBUS ONE SHOT DEC191285 (W) Dave Sim (A) Dave Sim, Gustave Dore (CA) David Birdsong (A/CA) Benjamin Hobbs "The Secret Origin of The[...]