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School For Psychics: CW Enrolls Jane the Virgin Paul Sciarrottas Drama

'School For Psychics': CW Enrolls 'Jane the Virgin' Paul Sciarrotta's Drama

Previously serving as co-executive producer on Jane the Virgin, Paul Sciarrotta is set to write the adaptation; and will executive produce the potential series with Dan Jinks (NBC's Nancy Drew) and Jason Egenberg (Unthinkable).Set for release in early April 2018 by CBS-owned publisher Simon & Shuster, here is a summary for the first book in the[...]

NYCC: Chasing the Crow: A Guide to NYCC 2014

NYCC: Chasing the Crow: A Guide to NYCC 2014

Kaelyn Kelly-Colon writes for Bleeding Cool: I'm somewhat new to The Crow franchise, but when I fall in love with media, I fall hard and fast. Truth be told, I was always very self-conscious about my interest in a variety of things growing up – The Crow included. After I heard about the panel with […]