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1001 Arabian Nights: Adventures Of Sinbad – 24 Trades Of Christmas
Back in the mid-2000's I got asked by Zenescope Entertainment to do up a new take on the classic 1001 Arabian Nights character of Sinbad They gave me one note on a direction… Captain Jack Sparrow meets James Bond… and they gave me a bald, tattooed Sinbad designed by Gustavo Vazquez I got to work[...]
Shazaam! Sinbad To Make Genie Movie Everyone Thinks He Made Already
Photo Credit: Jerry Crawford CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons Earlier this week, The New Statesman ran a really interesting story about a large group of people on the internet who remember a movie from their childhoods named Shazaam featuring the actor Sinbad playing the role of a genie Despite literally thousands of people – maybe[...]
Image Watch – Revving The Dark Engine With Ryan Burton
Before that, before John and I started talking and collaborating, Sym's character was much different–she was this female Sinbad powered by a steampunk engine and she sailed around the stars with an eclectic crew of adventurers… God, just writing that makes me wince in pain. DD: How did you and John Bivens come to work together[...]
Shining A Spotlight – Brent Peeples
I got to work with Brent on a handful of A Thousand And One Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad issues and I would jump at the chance to work with him again He's done work for Aspen, Image and Zenescope with a few things in the works now and he posts a lot of his[...]