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Moon Girl is Really Tired of Superhero Origin Stories
It seems that Moon Girl, in this preview of next week's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #40, is in complete agreement. Moon Girl has a nightmare problem, and she's turned to Doctor Strange and Sleepwalker to help her solve it. Sleepwalker will follow Moon Girl into her next nightmare, and he and Doctor Strange will make sure[...]
The Legacy of the Batpenis in Next Week's Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker #3
Next week's penultimate issue of Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker sees "Dark Starhawk" Christopher Powell being interrogated inside the Soul Gem After attempting to recap his own origin story, but being asked to cut to the chase, Powell tries to explain why Sleepwalker is on the side of the angels This leads to a scene that's eerily[...]
The Sleepwalker Checklist For Collecting
By Terry Hoknes of Sleepwalker is over night hot again due to his surprise appearance in the latest Fantastic Four #642 which has quickly sold out.  Sleepwalker debuted back in 1991 for 33 issues and a holiday special., back when comics had higher print runs.  Circulation data for 1991 says that the average issue sold[...]
Speculator Corner: Sleepwalker #1
One week ago, someone bought a copy of Sleepwalker #1 on eBay No one has bought an issue since. Today, eleven copies were bought. Something is up I think I know what it might be, but right now, Sleepwalker #1, often a much derided book from the nineties, is being hoovered up for $4.50 or below. If you have access[...]
Did Tom DeFalco Ever Say That Sleepwalker Was Sandman Done Right? (UPDATE)
That he used the line "Sandman done right" to describe nineties Marvel comic Sleepwalker by Bod Budiansky.. Sandman is now regarded as a classic of comic book literature and worlds away from anything Marvel Comics has ever published Sleepwalker, a quirky comic soon cancelled, is seen as an example of Marvel publishing excess in the nineties[...]