The Sleepwalker Checklist For Collecting

By Terry Hoknes of

Sleepwalker is over night hot again due to his surprise appearance in the latest Fantastic Four #642 which has quickly sold out.  Sleepwalker debuted back in 1991 for 33 issues and a holiday special., back when comics had higher print runs.  Circulation data for 1991 says that the average issue sold 356,00 copies over issues #1 to #7. It's quite likely that #1 sold double that of #7 so it would be quite likely that #1 Sleepwalker sold 500,000 copies!

Sleepwalker1Circulation sales for 1992 were 158,000 per copies on average for issues #8 to #19.

Average sales for 1993 were likely in the 75,000 per copy range.

After that point sales continued to drop every single issue until it hit issue #33 in 1994 and died with likely print run of only 35,000 copies which was very low for that time period.  #25 had a big bump in sales as it had a gimmick cover and sales actually doubled over issue #24. A perfect example of how greedy/silly retailers and consumers were at this time is that anyone would believe doubling the print run would make this a valuable collectible. Now #25 will just prove to be one of the easiest issues to find. It is shiny!

There have been lots of bad jokes about this title as many think it's super lame, but I will confess to thinking it was one of the best reads back in the early 1990's.

Do not miss out his early appearances in:

Quasar #27 (1991) print run 100,000

Spider-Man #22 (1992) 574,000

Darkhawk #19 #20 (1992) 209,000 each

Doctor Strange #46 #47 (1992) 109,000 each

Infinity War #5 (1992) 460,000

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