Smash Comics Archives

Smash Comics #14 (Quality, 1940)
and the Soviet Union to put a human in space during that period, and aspects of the Fantastic Four were influenced by Project Mercury overall.  But over 20 years before that, the Ray's transformation into a superhero by exposure to cosmic rays was also inspired by another series of scientific missions, as humans were starting[...]
Smash Comics #18 featuring Midnight (Quality, 1941)
The result was Midnight, a masked detective that made his first appearance in Smash Comics #18 The character went on to a long run in Smash Comics, and was later acquired by DC Comics along with much of the rest of the Quality Comics IP A female version of Midnight has even appeared as a[...]
Smash Comics #43 featuring Lady Luck (Quality, 1943)
Mazouzian made his comics debut with the cover of Marvel Mystery Comics #2, and by the next year was working on Lady Luck for Will Eisner's The Spirit newspaper sections.  That backup series was soon taken over by artists including Nick Cardy and Klaus Nordling, and many of those stories were reprinted in Smash Comics[...]
Early Female Comic Pioneer, Janice Valleau, Passes Away At Age 90
"She made more than most men made, even in New York City in the '50s." She worked on such titles as Veronica And Betty (Archie Comics), Toni Gayle (Young King Cole), Smash Comics and Nyoka the Jungle Girl. "She was very modest about her accomplishments, for sure," her daughter Ellie Winkleman said "I used to read Archie[...]