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Overwatch Soldier 76 figma
This time Good Smile Company is calling a soldier back into action with their new Soldier 76 figma Soldier 76 is highly detailed and posable with the use of flexible joints He will come ready for battle with multiple accessories like his Heavy Pulse Rifle, Helix Rockets, muzzle flash, and Tactical Visor These will all[...]
New York Toy Fair: Hasbro's New Overwatch Figures Look Fantastic
Two-packs will include Soldier 76 and Ana, and a ridiculously cool Phara and Mercy that pictures do not do justice While all of them look amazing, Reinhardt is the standout here And with good reason, he is in scale with the game compared to the other figures, so he towers over all of them All[...]
Clothing Review: Phase Two of the Jinx Overwatch Ultimate Hoodies
It's a good hoodie, but another where I feel like something is missing. One of the favorites that people wanted to see was Soldier 76, as we get him decked out in red, white, and blue Like Zenyatta, this one is also pretty simple as you see Soldier 76's face on the front chest, and[...]
The Latest Patch To 'Overwatch' Won't Make Reinhardt Fans Happy
The latest patch for Overwatch went into effect yesterday, and while we have a complete list of changes for you below from Blizzard, the two main highlights are that Soldier 76 got a slight nerf while Reinhardt got nerfed hard on an ability Specifically reducing his range on Earthshatter, which I think I've personally seen[...]
Overwatch Introduces The Game Browser
So if you want to make a game where every advantage toes to Soldier 76, you can probably work that out I know that's what I'd be doing… can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Introducing the Game Browser | Overwatch ( If what you are looking for in a video game is more control[...]
Some Pre-Ordered Overwatch Packages Won't Be On Time
But this had me excited enough that back in November I ordered the Collector's edition for the PC that included an art book, soundtrack and a statue of Soldier 76. Last week I got a notice saying that the game would be delivered on May 23rd… today… which was great since the servers are scheduled to[...]
9.7 Million Users Played The Overwatch Beta
As for the most popular characters: Soldier 76 for offense, Widowmaker for defense, Reinhardt for tank and Mercy for support I would've expected to see Tracer, Reaper or Winston in that group. Even though you needed to pre-purchase the game to get into the beta, I have heard from multiple sources that each person got more[...]