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Scorchlands Receives February Early Access Release Date
Developer studio Ringlab and publisher Star Drifters announced they will be releasing Scorchlands into Early Access in February The game mixes a bit of tech and magic together as you will lead a city of birdfolk into a new era by building up their civilization Make the hard choices and plan out how things will run in[...]
Lumencraft To Launch Into Early Access This April
Publisher Star Drifters and developer 2Dynamic Games have added a new update to Lumencraft, as well as signaled a release window For this particular patch, the devs are calling it The Giga Update, as it will introduce an all-new game-changing feature with randomly generated maps You'll also be able to work with a brand new weapon called[...]
Action RPG First Dwarf Announced For PC & Consoles
Indie developer and publisher Star Drifters revealed their latest game First Dwarf is in the works for PC and consoles If you haven't seen this one yet, this is an action RPG in which you will be engineering your way through adventure as you build a base, a mech, and more while crafting out a[...]
Be Your Own Pub Own In The Upcoming Brewpub Simulator
Movie Games and developer Star Drifters revealed their next simulation title in the works as we're getting Brewpub Simulator Now you can experience what it's like to own your own pub where you craft your own beer You will deck the place out however you see fit, experiment with creating different brews for people to[...]
Lumencraft To Launch Into Early Access This April
Along with the news that it will be published by Star Drifters and Surefire.Games, this game will have you mining for ore on a futuristic Earth in which there are dangers around every corner while you collect precious luminescent crystals from down below The game will drop onto Steam on April 13th, but before then[...]
Danger Scavenger Will Release On Nintendo Switch On March 25th
Star Drifters revealed today that their upcoming game, Danger Scavenger, will be released on March 25th on multiple platforms The game has been in Early Access for a while as you're playing a group of scavengers who fight the good fight against the corporations who have taken over everything Only they know how dangerous the[...]
Driftland: The Magic Revival to Launch This Month
Even before its release, Driftland was awarded titles of a Best PC Game at Barcelona Games World and Best Indie Game at Poznań Game Arena. "We can't wait for the release", says Michał Sokolski, creator and co-founder of Star Drifters "During the four years of the game's development and over a year of Early Access we have[...]