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Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out

Reviewing College Missteps with 'Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out!'

One of those items was Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out! from Starcap Games This is a small indie title that we had the chance to play at the Indie Megabooth in the tabletop area, but we haven't had a proper chance to play it with a full group until recently.The game has a pretty simple[...]

Partying Too Hard With 'Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out!' At PAX West

One of the coolest board games to come across at PAX West this year was sitting in the Indiebooth as Starcap Games brought Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out! to Seattle This is a quick party game where the goal is essential to screw your friends over at a party More accurately, you have a test in[...]