Reviewing College Missteps with 'Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out!'

We're slowly approaching PAX East in Boston next week, and as we prepare to head into the convention with hopeful eyes, it does have us looking back at some of the items we received during PAX West last September. One of those items was Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out! from Starcap Games. This is a small indie title that we had the chance to play at the Indie Megabooth in the tabletop area, but we haven't had a proper chance to play it with a full group until recently.

The game has a pretty simple premise. You and up to four more players are college students in either dorm trying to prepare for finals week, while others in the same dorm are throwing raging keggers all week long. Throughout the evening you are bothered by various interactions with people who are high, drunk, bothersome, or who just won't leave for some reason that will distract you and keep you from getting your work done and getting a to bed. In order to win, you have to pass these problems on to your opponents (i.e. sending them to other people's rooms) and take control of the night.

Every player is given a D6 and start with four people in their room (six if two people). The goal of the game is to get down to zero people, which wins you the game. Through different actions on all of the cards, you'll find ways to knock people out of your room or end up with more people joining. However, because dorm rooms are small, you can never have more than six at a time. You'll go clockwise playing different cards from your hand with the ultimate goal of trying to pass on or eliminate as many people as possible, which is a feat much harder than you might expect.

The game has three different types of cards at your disposal: Items, Actions, and Instants. Everyone draws five cards and plays up to two each round. These are what will either add more people to other players' rooms or help remove players from your room. As you might expect, pretty much everything here is college or party related, including Phone Music, Couple Time, Smoke Room, Room Flow, Bluetooth Item, Drink Circle, Mechanical Bull, Drunk Story, even a Pet Rock can be used to make your room more or less fun and attract people.

After going around the table, two players will end up with two specific tokens based on how much fun is in their room: the Party Animal, which adds an extra person to your count, or the Nerd, which removes one from your count. The next day people refill their card count to five and start over again until someone finally makes it down to zero.

A lot of the game relies on your ability to convince others that loading up one person's room is in the best interest of the group, and that everyone would be better off sending the party elsewhere. While that works out some of the time, other times people catch on and realize that you're just trying to get out first, and it may backfire on you. You'll have to utilize what you have to the best of your ability without leading people on to what you're doing.

The game does have two issues. First, the instructions don't go into problems with contingencies. There are often occasions where you'll end up in situations where two people are tied and there's no set plan as to how to give out the Party Animal or Nerd tokens in such a situation. The other, which is a product of the first, is that there's no way to decide a winner in case two people reach zero. We played a game where the card Cuddle Puddle came into play, which says "the players except the player with the lowest number of Persons each lose one Person." However, everyone was tied with 1 left to go. By default, we had four winners. There's no plan in the rules to decide winners in tie-breaks, so you're left kinda shrugging your shoulders.

I enjoyed  Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out! a lot, and thought it was a fun party game for a small group. However, the rules need some work and maybe a few additional cards thrown in for variety. Beyond that, its a pretty good game that I recommend you try out if you like indie board games.

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