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What Twitter Has To Say About Brian Wood & Danijel Zezelj's Starve
The first issue of Starve released this past June from Image Comics Written by, Brian Wood, with art by Danijel Zezelj, Starve is set in a world where chefs are practically royalty, and access to them is the ultimate status symbol Chef Gavin Cruikshank, back from self-imposed exile, finds his little foodie television program "Starve" transformed into a gonzo[...]
Starve #1 And #2, Now Free On Bleeding Cool – Food Horror Porn For All
Here is issue one of Starve. Here is issue two. This has been one of my favourite new books of 2015 from Image Comics, which is best described (by me at least) as Transmetropolitan meets Hell's Kitchen Reality food TV in a future where it's even more of a luxury than it is now And Spider Jerusalem[...]
Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From DC Comics Bombshells To JLA Gods And Monsters, Phonogram, Harrow County And More!
Two detectives are hot on the trail of a sexually transmitted disease that is making people beautiful…but at what cost? Another cult-like fan-favorite series resurfacing this week from Image Comics is Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1, by Gillen and McKelvie, fan-favorite creators of Young Avengers! Explore the world of phonomancy as told by the creators that[...]
Preview: Starve #2 By Wood, Zezelj And Stewart
I rather liked Starve #1 by Brian Wood, Danijel Zezelj and Dave Stewart from Image Comics. Well issue #2 is out tomorrow I haven't seen any previews around the place So here you go… I rather liked Starve #1 by Brian Wood, Danijel Zezelj and Dave Stewart from Image Comics. Well issue #2 is out tomorrow[...]
Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Archie, To Civil War, Age Of Apocalypse, Star Wars: Lando & More!
Deadpool And Howling Commandos #2 18:02 Runaways #2 18:20 Secret Wars 2099 #3 18:42 Squadron Sinister #2 19:09 Spider-Verse #3 20:08 Harrow County #3 20:35 Injection #3 20:59 Starve #2 21:31 Saga #30 Contact Links: Site – Digital Store –… Facebook –… Twitter – MP3 of this video –…   [...]
Top 3 Image Picks Releasing This Week
Starve #1 Now that Chrononauts has wrapped up, its a good time to pick up a new series and perfect timing for the debut issue of Starve written by Brian Wood (Moon Knight) and featuring the art of Daniel Zezelj and Dave Stewart Get ready to "elevate the mundane" as we follow the redemption of former[...]
Starve Is A Gourmet Transmetropolitan For The 21st Century
But this is Starve And if Spider Jerusalem was Hunter S Thompson, then Gavin Criuikshank is Gordon Ramsey. So welcome to "Tramseytropolitan" And it's great, straight from the get go The other world, a place where the poor survive by their wits and end up living a richer, if shorter, more dangerous and much hungrier life[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks – From Starve To Starfire
And the new Secret Wars #3… And in two weeks? Midnight Society The Black Lake, Constantine: The Hellblazer, Earth 2 Society, Red Hood/Arsenal, Starfire, Section 8, Ghostbusters Get Real, Starve, 1602, Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps, Ghost Racers, Korvac Saga, Marvel Zombies, Lady Deadpool, Squadrion Sinsiters, Weirdworld and X-Men 92. DARK HORSE COMICS AGE OF REPTILES ANCIENT[...]
Brian Wood's Starve From Image In June 2015, Honest
But they may be missing something… Image May solicits out but STARVE wasn't included, some internal thing at Image Will launch in June. — Brian Wood (@brianwood) February 17, 2015 That's Starve by Brian Wood, Daniel Zezelj and Dave Stewart, promised for May But now coming in June I am told they will have five to six issue[...]
Image's Starve – A Comic To Satisfy Foodies
Creative team, Brian Wood (Star Wars, DMZ, The Massive,) Danijel Zezelj (Northlanders, Loveless), & Dave Stewart (The Walking Dead, Star Wars) are cooking up a world where chefs are practically royalty, and they're calling it Starve. The story will focus on Chef Gavin Cruikshank, who has returned from forced exile, but things at his TV show[...]