Image's Starve – A Comic To Satisfy Foodies

Put your chef hats on, because Image is releasing a culinary tale that's set to launch in May 2015, according to Image Expo. Creative team, Brian Wood (Star Wars, DMZ, The Massive,) Danijel Zezelj (Northlanders, Loveless), & Dave Stewart (The Walking Dead, Star Wars) are cooking up a world where chefs are practically royalty, and they're calling it Starve.

The story will focus on Chef Gavin Cruikshank, who has returned from forced exile, but things at his TV show are not the way he left them. What was once a foodie program has now turned into a fierce culinary competition. Now he must deal with changes in both his professional life, and his personal life with his daughter who sees Starve in a different light.

"At this intersection of food culture and social awareness is the famous but battered Chef Gavin Cruikshank, a man out of his time and out of his element who thinks his personal redemption is to be found in the hardcore cooking arenas of Starve," said writer Brian Wood.

I've been a fan of food related TV shows for a long time, so the thought of a comic being centered around a similar subject area seems fun to me. I'm curious as to how the team will demonstrate the differences of main character, Gavin Cruikshank's cooking techniques/beliefs compared to his daughter, who will most likely have a more modern take. It sounds to me like this comic will pit an Iron Chef style of cooking against a Wolfgang Puck type. Nonetheless, it should be an interesting read. So, instead of saying "A La Cuisine!," I'll say "A La Foodie Comic!"


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